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TrafficSend, one of the younger traffic exchanges online today, needed to increase member sign ups while simultaniously ranking for competitive keywords using SEO strategies.

Achieved a 0.19% CTR (Click through Rate) on all SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
Reducing client acquisition from $0.25 per new member to just $0.05.  Saving money per new client resulting in paying 500% less to gain every client.
A positive ROI of 212% after just the first month.


To increase member sign ups using SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Begin both SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the same time.  Produce quick sign ups through SEM and long lasting traffic and sign ups through SEO.  Negotiate advertising positions on niche related websites in order to gain quick sign ups and sales.  Publish multiple press releases each month to build brand recognition and a high trust rating.  Ranking for long and short tailed keywords in order to bring in traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and hundreds of smaller search engines.


After the first month we have built multiple relationships with niche related websites and gotten a steady flow of traffic, and sign ups, from the ad spots we have on the niche websites.  Currently TrafficSend is getting a 212% ROI on all ad placements because of great due diligence and split testing banner images in ad sections. After split testing, the CTR (Click Through Rate) is now 0.19% and rising.  We've successfully reduced the cost to acquire a client for TrafficSend from $0.25 per sign up to just $0.05 per sign up.  Through our SEO campaign we have gotten, on average, of 1,000 new sign ups each day for TrafficSend.  This is due to ranking for hundreds of keywords, a lot of them being very competitive, and gaining thousands of new visitors each day.

0.19% CTR on SEM

500% less CPA

212% ROI on SEM

From The Client

“When we started our traffic exchange it was just a dream of ours that we were taking a chance on.  After the first month of working with FullTurnMarketing we were more than happy, we were ecstatic and overwhelmed by the increase of traffic and sign ups!  We were getting a few new members each day and then we started gaining 100 a day, then 250 a day, then 500 and now we're stable at 1,000 (give or take 100) each day.  We use these guys for everything related to marketing and SEO and we highly recommend the guys and girls over at FullTurnMarketing.”

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